Family Dental Treatments For Gingivitis Prevention

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When gingivitis, a form of gum disease, is identified and treated in its early stages, it is likely to resolve completely. Conversely, if steps are not taken to treat early-stage gum disease, then it may progress to periodontal disease. This severe form of gum disease not only affects the soft tissues of your gums by causing inflammation, irritation, bleeding, and increased redness, but it can also damage the underlying bones. Here are some effective interventions your dentist may recommend to help prevent gingivitis and treat existing gum disease. 

Regular Examinations And Cleanings

In addition to maintaining a strict routine of brushing and flossing your teeth at home, seeing your dentist and dental hygienist for regular checkups and professional teeth cleanings will help prevent both dental decay and gingivitis.

While checkups can help determine if you have gum disease, getting your teeth cleaned on a regular basis is one of the most important family dental treatment interventions for preventing gum disease.

These interventions are appropriate for people of all ages, even young children, and because of this, consider making dental appointments for your entire family when you schedule your dental appointments. Taking proactive steps to keep your family's teeth and gums healthy not only enhances their oral health but may also help improve their overall state of health.

Nutritional Counseling And Antimicrobial Mouthwash

Another effective family dental treatment to help both prevent and treat gum disease is nutritional counseling. Your dentist can recommend healthy, nutrient-dense foods to eat that will minimize the risk of cavities and gingivitis. They may also suggest ways to help keep your enamel healthy and strong by recommending that you limit your intake of highly acidic foods and drinks because they can cause enamel erosion which may lead to gum disease over time.

If you or anyone in your family is prone to gum disease, your dentist or hygienist may recommend a special mouthwash to help eliminate gingivitis-causing bacteria inside your mouth. Many of these mouthwashes are available over-the-counter, however, in certain instances, your dentist may recommend a prescription antimicrobial mouthwash to help treat existing gum disease. 

To help keep both you and your family from developing gingivitis and to maintain optimal oral health, consider the above family dental treatment interventions. By doing so you can minimize your risk for gum disease, oral infections, dental decay, and even tooth loss so that you and your family can have healthy and beautiful smiles.

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