Do You Need Dentures? Signs You Should Consider Them

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If you need dentures, you don't want to hesitate in getting fitted for them. You want to enhance your smile and quality of life and keep your oral health in check. It's wise to go to the dentist to see if you can be fitted for dentures and have a more beneficial experience overall. 

Sometimes it's hard to see if you need dentures or not. You may feel like you only need partial dentures and not a full set, or feel like you don't have oral health problems strong enough to warrant dentures. Here are signs you should consider them.

You are missing most or all of your natural teeth

Dentures are designed to help replace your natural teeth and give you peace of mind about the way your smile feels and looks. If you are missing most or all of your natural teeth, then getting fitted for dentures can give you peace of mind and help you feel better about the way you look.

You are in a lot of pain

If your mouth is in a lot of pain, then you can get dentures to alleviate a lot of your discomfort. Dentures can help you recover from teeth removal and gum disease. Sometimes, painful teeth are too expensive or too far damaged to be repaired, and being left with an open smile without teeth can be a daunting aftermath. In the end, if you get your mouth pain taken care of knowing you can get replacement dentures (including a full set of dentures or just uppers or lowers), then you can feel more positive about your oral health moving forward.

You are worried about your facial structure

Your teeth are part of what makes your face take on its shape. Your cheeks can look hollow and your chin can look droopy if you have teeth that are missing and are worried about your facial shape overall. Your dentures can help you keep your normal face shape and can give you a more youthful appeal.

Your other option is a toothless smile

Dentures can be the most cost-effective method of fixing your smile. Your dentures can be affordable and long-lasting and is a great alternative to just having a toothless smile. Speak to a dentist near you today about dentures and the cost of them. They can help you see what your options are and what the process will look like.