4 Causes Of Crooked Teeth You Should Know About

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Many people have crooked teeth because of their genetic makeup. However, other environmental factors play a role in determining how organized your dental formula will be. Hence, you may want to visit a specialist immediately if your teeth and jaws are misaligned. Note that the younger you are when you start the realignment, the higher the chances of success. Here are some details about the four common causes of crooked teeth and possible solutions. 

Childhood Habits

Some habits that develop during the early stages of life can affect the health and condition of your teeth. For example, it is common for children to get pacifiers to calm them down and prevent them from emotional meltdowns. Thumb-sucking is also another problem that can affect the position of the teeth. Further, prolonged periods of bottle-feeding also affect tooth orientation. Given this, it is important to have dental visits early in life, so the professional can tell whether you're developing a misalignment problem that you might struggle with for a long time. More so, dentists can recommend ways to deal with the habits that interfere with dental alignment.

Early Loss of Baby Teeth

A child can lose their baby teeth from cavities resulting from poor dental hygiene. Note that if a child loses their first teeth before it's time, those at the back of the mouth slide forward, displacing the adult teeth that are yet to come in. Ultimately, when the adult teeth finally grow in, they will occupy the wrong places in the jawbone, leading to tooth misalignment, crowding, and crookedness. The good news is you can prevent the problem by teaching a child proper oral hygiene.

Genetic Problems

Some of the tooth problems you encounter might be out of your control. You should know if a parent has straight and perfectly aligned teeth, the child will have the same if environmental factors don't come into play. On the other hand, parents with crooked or misaligned dental formulas naturally give birth to children with the same characteristics. That said, if you have inherited orthodontia from your parents, you can still fix it with the help of a dentist.

Poor Dental Hygiene

It can be difficult to teach proper dental hygiene to children. However, note that they will brush their teeth less often than they should if they don't learn. In addition, they might also hide toothache and other dental health complications because they fear the dentist. Since proper dental hygiene minimizes the chances of tooth alignment, you must ensure proper dental practices from a young age.

Consult a dentist about the state of your teeth and their alignment. The professionals can help you determine the causes of misalignment and also suggest the ideal way to resolve the issue.

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