All You Need To Know About Installing Dental Implants

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Replacing a damaged tooth through dental implants is a simple procedure. Furthermore, dental implants are a permanent and effective tooth replacement procedure. As you age, your natural teeth may weaken and fall out, necessitating the installation of dental implants. 

Nevertheless, you ought to research and consult your dentist before undertaking the procedure. Here is everything you might need to know before booking your installation appointment. 

How Does the Implant Work?

When you get a tooth knocked out or a dentist removes it, you remain with a gap in the mouth. This gap can become a source of several problems if you do not fill it. For instance, the teeth next to it will shift, forming cavities on the side. Eventually, the teeth weaken. In addition, the jawbone may deteriorate since it lacks stimulation. 

Usually, the implant replaces the parts of the tooth in bits. First, your dentist will assess your gums and jawbone for suitability. Then, they will install the titanium root followed by an abutment. When your mouth heals, the dentist then adds a crown that covers the titanium root, hence filling up the gap in your mouth. 

Is an Implant Permanent?

Yes, a dental implant is a permanent solution to spaces in the mouth. You will achieve numerous benefits from dental implants, such as jawbone stimulation, which keeps the jaws healthy. Besides that, the tooth's root is titanium, which can withstand extremely high levels of tear. 

More importantly, the implant enhances your overall oral aesthetics and self-confidence. In other words, an implant is a permanent tooth replacement solution that looks, feels, and functions like a natural tooth.

Can an Implant Fail?

It is rare for a dental implant to fail when installed by a dentist. Typically, the professional checks your oral health status beforehand to avoid complications after installation. 

Additionally, they will give you guidelines to follow when caring for the prosthesis. For example, they will recommend suitable ways to clean them and the foods to eat for quick recovery. 

Can You Get the Implants in One Day?

Generally, dental implantation is an intricate procedure. The first visit usually involves a consultation at your dental clinic to determine if you should get the implants. The second visit will be to implant the roots, while the third and fourth are for the abutment and crown installation. As such, you need to be patient if you wish to get a positive outcome. 

If you have missing teeth, speak to your dentist about implants. They will assist you by assessing your teeth and determining an ideal solution for the problem.