Don't Want A Mouth Of Metal? Try These Three Braces

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Getting braces can mean making a huge difference in the way that your teeth look and work. If you're interested in braces but have always been turned off by the look of a mouth full of metal, you don't have to put up with that. There are now many alternatives to the traditional all-metal braces that are mounted in front of your teeth. If you want to look good while getting your teeth straightened, give these three styles a try.


Sublingual braces are actually a type of metal braces, but they're completely hidden from view. This is because they're mounted to the back of your teeth rather than the front. When you smile, eat, or talk, nobody will be able to see them.

The good thing about sublingual braces is that they have all the efficacy and versatility of traditional metal braces. They can correct the alignment of individual teeth as well as your overall bite shape. This means they're probably the right choice for you if you've been told that you have an underbite, overbite, or severely crooked teeth.


Transparent braces are another option that can help to hide the fact that you have braces. These braces are also designed to work like traditional metal braces, but are instead made out of transparent ceramic.

Both the brackets and the wire of transparent braces are designed to be, well, transparent! If someone were to stare directly at your teeth, they might be able to tell that you have braces. Most people you come into contact with, however, won't realize that you have braces mounted to your teeth. Like sublingual braces, this type of braces is pretty good at correcting more serious bite problems. However, ceramic is more fragile than metal, so you'll need to be cautious to avoid causing damage to this variety of braces.


Lastly, invisible braces are gaining popularity all the time. Invisible braces are removable and can be taken off when you want to eat, care for your teeth, or simply pose for some photos. Even while they're on, however, they generally won't be noticeable at all.

Transparent braces can correct individual teeth and change the look of your smile. However, they're not as good at correcting serious problems with bite alignment. If you're not sure if you qualify for this variety, talk to your dentist to find out if it's right for you.

Any of these braces options are newer alternatives to standard metal braces that can help you to correct your teeth without the world knowing you're doing it. If you want tooth alignment correction without a mouth full of visible metal, talk to your family dentistry office about these choices.