Get To The Root Issue Of Tooth Pain

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There are a lot of things that can cause you to experience a toothache. These problems can stem from thin enamel to exposed nerves. This article will cover one of the most common toothache causes, so you can do your best to avoid that pain and will know what may be giving you problems. However, you want to be sure as soon as you experience pain that you put in a call to the dentist's office to set up an appointment to see the dentist as soon as they can get you in. This way, you can really find out what your issue is and begin the necessary treatment for the condition.

Root pain is a common reason for a toothache

If you experience pain when you eat something that is sweet, and you are experiencing sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks, then you may be suffering from tooth root pain. Root pain will occur when the root of your tooth is exposed. You may think you would automatically know if you had an exposed root, but this is not always the case. You may have a root exposed in a tooth that's hard to see and you would never know what's going on if it weren't for the pain and a trip to your dentist.

What are some things that can lead to root pain?

An exposed root can occur due to a variety of things happening. If you have a cavity at the base of your tooth that is allowed to get so deep that the root is exposed, then this can be the cause. Or, if you break your tooth and the break is deep enough to reach the root, then this can be what has happened. However, a very common way for the root to become exposed can be the natural occurrence of gum recession. As people age, their gums will start to pull away from their teeth. If this is happening to you, then the root can end up being exposed.

What can be done to take away root pain?

When you have an exposed root, there is nothing that you can do on your own to treat the issue. You can try to prevent the pain by staying away from sweets, brushing very carefully and making sure to stay away from hot and cold foods and drinks. However, there are no home remedies for correcting the issue. Only the dentist can help with this part.

If the tooth is severely damaged, they may want to talk to you about having the entire tooth removed and then replacing it with a dental implant. The dentist may also suggest doing a root canal in which the actual tooth can be preserved as long as it doesn't have too much damage to its crown. They may be able to use bonding to add on to the part of the tooth that is exposed to correct the issue. They may want to put a veneer on the tooth to correct the issue as well.