Four Tips For Making Life With Braces Bearable

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If you know that you are going to need braces, it's probably something you are dreading. However, it's better to embrace your life with braces instead of fight against it. In the end, you are going to have a beautiful smile, so there's no need to be so hostile towards your braces. It's going to help even more if you follow these four tips:

  1. Floss: Flossing around braces can be a pain, but if you don't do it, you are more susceptible to dental problems after the braces are removed. This is going to make you even more resentful towards the braces. Besides, there are ways to make flossing a bit easier, which includes using a water flosser, a flossing pick, and a floss helper that can help you get around the brackets and wire. 
  2. Avoid Sticky Foods: You should also embrace an extremely moderate diet change when you have braces. Don't be resentful about it either since you are really only eliminating hard or sticky foods, such as candy, which isn't very good for you anyway. When you avoid these foods, such as toffee, caramel, and gum, you can avoid problems with your braces that might require replacement of the brackets or wire at some point, which can just prolong the process of having braces. 
  3. Chew With the Molars: When you chew your food, chew with your molars instead of your front teeth. This is going to help you avoid damages since your front teeth are not as capable of taking large bites of food. If you find that you can't eat a certain food because you can't take a big bite without using your front teeth, then it either needs to be cut or it's a food that you need to avoid. 
  4. Wear the Right Gear: If the orthodontist suggests that you wear certain things to equip your braces, such as rubber bands or head gear, you should do it. The problem with not doing this is that it is going to prolong the process instead of possibly shortening it. This is going to make you more resentful. The good thing about some of this extra gear is that you might be able to only wear it at night instead of all day. 

When you consider these four tips, your life with braces is going to be much more bearable because you won't run into any problems that can prolong the problem or make it worse in the future.