Beyond Looks: Three Other Reasons Invisalign Is Superior To Braces

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When exploring various options for straightening your teeth, one that's sure to attract you is Invisalign. These clear, plastic trays are often seen as a better option than braces because you can't see them on your teeth unless you look very, very closely. However, invisibility is not the only benefit of Invisalign over braces. Here's a look at a few more.

They're more comfortable.

It's no secret that wearing braces can be pretty uncomfortable. You get aches in your jaw from your teeth shifting, and the brackets rub on your cheeks and the inside of your lips. Invisalign is much more comfortable to wear. You may still have some aching since your teeth are shifting, but the aligners are smooth so they won't cause abrasions or bleeding on your cheeks. You don't have to worry about pressing wax onto them to cover poking wires, either.

It's easier to keep your teeth clean.

When you wear braces, brushing your teeth becomes an absolute chore. You have to do it because plaque and bacteria tend to build up on the braces -- but it takes a long time since there are so many brackets to get around. If you neglect the brushing, you may end up with tooth decay. Luckily, Invisalign makes it much, much easier to keep your teeth clean. You take the aligners out before you brush, so brushing is not any different than before you got them.

You can eat whatever you want.

The idea of having to forgo apples, nuts, and caramels for a year or more while you're wearing braces can be a bit intimidating. It's hard enough to stick to a healthy diet without these additional restrictions being placed on you. With Invisalign, you can eat whatever you want. Just like you take the aligners out before brushing, you also take them out before eating. Much away on those crunchy snacks, and then pop them back into place. You do have to be careful to rinse your mouth out or brush your teeth after eating so that food particles don't get caught between your trays and teeth -- but this is just a small inconvenience comparatively.

To learn more about Invisalign and its benefits, speak with a dentist or orthodontist in your town. Many adults are opting for Invisalign over braces, and because of the benefits above, this is probably the better choice for you, too. For more information, visit websites like