The Real Reasons Your Child Keeps Getting Cavities

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It can be dismaying to learn that your child is going to need to have his or her cavities filled—again. If your child is persistently developing cavities, there may be some changes that you should be making to your family's lifestyle. Learn the real reason that your child is developing cavities regularly and find the perfect way to combat childhood tooth decay.

1. Insufficient Oral-Hygiene Habits - You may believe that your child has developed responsible oral-health habits, but if cavities persist, developing a more hands-on method might be in order. Children often don't brush their teeth the right way, and that can lead to a buildup of tartar.

Ask your child to demonstrate how she or he brushes and then offer helpful tips and directions. Regularly replace your child's toothbrush and encourage flossing to help improve your child's oral-hygiene habits.

2. Too Many Sweets - Limiting the amount of candy your child eats can be a great way to ward off cavities, but realize that sugar is present in many different foods. Juice, iced tea, starches, and baked goods also contain copious amounts of sugar.

Don't take away sweets altogether, but do think of creative ways that you can both compromise. Offer your child a straw along with his or her occasional sugary drink, and look up dessert recipes with a low sugar content instead.

3. Lack of Fluoride - If your child drinks well water or doesn't use mouthwash that contains fluoride, this might be the reason that your child keeps getting cavities. Your child should also be able to get a small but important amount of fluoride by consuming a balanced diet. Strengthen your child's tooth enamel by increasing his or her fluoride intake. Vitamins formulated for kids often contain fluoride, and many oral-health products geared toward children also have safe amounts of fluoride. Consult with your dentist about your child's fluoride intake and determine how you can better protect your child's teeth.

4. Not Going to the Dentist Regularly - Some people, children included, are simply more prone to developing cavities due to genetics. If your child has already had several cavities, it is vital that you schedule regular dentist appointments to determine why the cavities may be forming in the first place.

If your child is genetically susceptible to forming cavities, a dentist such as one at Dentistry For Children may be able to offer helpful long-term solutions. On the other hand, if your dentist learns that your child's cavities are forming because of poor oral health or eating habits, preventative action can help to eliminate your child's cavities at the source.