3 Ways That Orthodontists Make Braces Fun For Your Child

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When you initially tell your child that they are going to need to get braces, this may not be something that they are excited about right away. Many orthodontists realize this, so they do everything in their power to make sure that your child has a good experience with braces. One way they do this is by incorporating fun things into your child's overall experience with braces. This article will discuss 3 great ways that orthodontists make braces a fun experience for your child. 

Colored Rubber Bands On Brackets 

If your child has traditional metal braces, then they most likely have rubber bands that go over their bracket and the wire inserted into their bracket on each tooth, to help hold it in place. Each time that they go in for an appointment, they are going to have these rubber bands removed and their wire taken out so that their teeth can be examined, adjusted, cleaned, etc. Because the rubber bands are removed at each appointment and new ones are put on, this gives your child the opportunity to choose new colors of rubber bands each time that they have an appointment. This can be a lot of fun for them because they can choose holiday colors, the colors of their favorite sports team, their own favorite color, or whatever they would like. This can make having braces a bit more exciting, and gives them something to look forward to during their orthodontic appointments. 

Prizes For Good Brushing

Most orthodontists realize that brushing teeth with braces is not only more difficult than brushing regular teeth, but it is also more time consuming for your child. Because of this, they try and offer an initiative to brush well in the form of prizes. Many orthodontists have a grading scale the their orthodontic assistants will use to rate how well you are brushing your teeth. Often, if you are in the A range, then you are given some sort of small prize for your good brushing. You also may be entered in to win a large prize each time that you get an A on your brushing. The small prize is likely something like a t-shirt or toy, and the large prizes may be televisions, gaming systems, gifts card with large amounts, etc. These really entice and encourage your child to brush, helping them to keep healthy teeth while they have their braces on.