Three Generations, One Family Dentist: Why It's A Good Idea For Your Whole Family

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Family dentists have the knowledge and skills to see patients of all ages. Most of the time, they see children and their parents, but they can see and treat grandparents too. If you, your parents and your children all see the same family dentist, here are some reasons why it is a good idea for your whole family to keep seeing the same dentist.

The Family History Is Easily Accessible

Think about it--your parents' dental records and family medical health histories are here, your dental records are here, and now your children's records are here too. At any point in time, when there is a question about genetically-inherited oral diseases or problems, your dentist has access to the charts and treatment files of you and and your parents. Then the dentist can determine if your children will ever be at risk for some of the same dental and/or oral issues. You never have to travel across town to another dentist to get copies of family dental records in order for your dentist to make comparisons and check your family's history because it is all easily accessible from his or her office.

You Can Schedule All Your Dental Appointments on the Same Day

Some people prefer to set aside a couple days each year where all they do on those days is clear out the medical and dental appointments that need to be done. If you are this type of person, and you are caring for both elderly parents and young children, you can squish all of your family's appointments in on the same day, back-to-back or simultaneously -- whatever works best for you. Then, unless there is a need for additional dental work, you do not have to schedule a big string of appointments again for another six months to a year.

You Can Receive One Bill for Everyone's Dental Care

Even with Medicare co-pays, you will still have to pay something for every family member's dental visit, including your own. While the family dentist can bill the separate insurances for you, your parents and your children, your co-pays can all be on one bill, which will make it that much easier to budget for and pay on the day of service. You may even be able to call in advance and request an estimate of what the co-pays or patient portion will be when everyone in the family visits the dentist and receives services on the same day. Most family dentists also offer family discounts when more than one sibling or generation receives services.