3 Tips For Getting Used To Your New Dentures

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Getting dentures installed can help give you some newfound confidence if your natural teeth were in a state of ugly disrepair. That said, the first few weeks after getting your dentures will definitely come with some discomfort. Here are 3 tips that may help you get used to your dentures quickly so that you can make it through the adjustment period and get on with your life.

Sing Along With Your Music

It can take your mouth some time to get used to speaking and forming words once dentures are installed. If you are worried about how you will sound when interacting with other people, make it a point to practice your speech while you are alone. One easy way to do this would be to put in a CD from your favorite artist and sing along, out loud, to every song. This can get you used to forming words while wearing your dentures and you won't be self-conscious about it while you are by yourself.

Hold That Smile For A Little Longer

Eating food with your dentures will take some practice to get used to. Your dentures are largely guided by the muscles in your cheeks when you are chewing, so it might be a good idea to stretch these muscles out and exercise them so that they get used to the extra workload. When not eating, practice making a large smile with your mouth and then hold the smile for 10 seconds or more before letting yourself relax. Do this a few times per day in between meals to strengthen your cheeks.

Schedule Regular Appointments With Your Dentist

For best results, you'll want to head back to the dentist at least once or more following your initial dentures procedure. In between visits, take note of any difficulty you are having and then describe the problem to your dentist. Dentures can be readjusted and there are also adhesives that can be used to take control of the situation. If you are experiencing continued soreness or irritation, it's likely your dentures need an adjustment. 

Trying to speak or chew with dentures for the first time can come as quite a shock. You will feel like there is a foreign object in your mouth for some time because, well, there is. Practice speaking or even singing out loud while by yourself to build up some confidence. Stretch and hold your cheeks with a hearty smile every so often to build up your strength while eating. But more than anything else, don't be afraid to call the dentist if you notice an issue so that your dentures can receive an adjustment. A dentist like those at Silverado Family Dental may be able to help.