2 Mouthwashes To Help Protect Your Impacted Wisdom Teeth From Tooth Decay

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Impacted wisdom teeth can cause a myriad of problems because of the way in which they grow in your mouth. They often grow in at an angle that makes it difficult to reach and clean your wisdom teeth. Impacted wisdom teeth that are not properly cleaned will quickly develop bacterial and plaque buildup around the gum line. The buildup can eventually result in tooth decay. While the tooth decay may not initially hurt or seem noticeable, it can quickly turn into gum disease and will spread to your surrounding teeth. Therefore, it is important to take important steps to ensure that your wisdom teeth are kept clean and are protected from tooth decay. Fortunately, there are a few mouthwashes that you can add to your dental care routine in order to do this.

Yarrow Mouthwash

Yarrow is a plant that contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The plant is often used to treat open wounds in order to ward off bacteria infection. You can create a yarrow mouthwash to fight off tooth decay near your wisdom teeth. Start by adding fresh yarrow leaves to a pot of boiling water. Allow the pot to boil for a few minutes, then remove it from the stove. Allow the mixture to steep in a cool area for a few hours, then strain the yarrow leaves. Yarrow is extremely bitter on its own; therefore add a few drops of lemon juice to it before using. Work the mouthwash towards the back of your mouth where your wisdom teeth are located. Hold the rinse in that area for a few minutes before spitting out.

Salt Water Mouthwash

A salt water mouthwash is quick and easy to make. The salt helps to remove bacteria from your mouth before it has the chance to cause tooth decay and infection. Create a salt water mouthwash by adding several scoops of salt to a cup of hot water. Wait a few minutes until the salt completely dissolves on its own. Use the mouthwash to cleanse around your gum line and focus on your wisdom teeth. Move the mouthwash around your mouth to ensure that it gets into all of the grooves that surround your wisdom teeth. Repeat this process to ensure that all contaminants have been removed.

Impacted wisdom teeth can be extremely difficult to deal with since they are tricky to keep clean. Therefore, use these mouthwashes to help protect your wisdom teeth and prevent tooth decay. Should these mouth washes fail to do the trick, see a professional like Family Medical Dental Center.