Three Signs You Might Need Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

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A number of people often overlook the existence of their wisdom teeth. If they aren't causing any type of discomfort, it's easy to overlook them. For this reason, when a dental provider says it's time to have them removed, many people wonder why. Even if you aren't experiencing discomfort, there are a number of reasons why removing your wisdom teeth might be important. Here are just some of them.  


Your provider might also suggest that you have your wisdom teeth removed due to a sinus concern. As you age, wisdom teeth anchor deeper into your bone. As the tooth grows deeper into the bone, this can cause the root to extend. Since wisdom teeth develop just below a sinus pathway, this can cause a minor obstruction of the sinus cavity.

This blockage creates an obstruction that prevents the sinuses from properly draining. For the individual, sinus problems like congestion, pressure and pain become a regular occurrence until the obstruction is removed.


Two of the concerns with wisdom teeth are that they are larger than your other teeth and that they don't always go straight. Over time, these factors can cause damage to your other teeth. This damage often surfaces in the form of misalignment and bite problems.

As the wisdom teeth grow, they start to put pressure on the surrounding teeth, causing them to slowly shift. Although it starts with the surrounding teeth, this process causes a domino effect that impacts a number of your teeth.


Good oral hygiene can help keep cavities away; however, the manner in which the gums around the wisdom teeth develop can put some people at an increased risk for a cavity. This is especially the case for people whose gums slightly grow over their wisdom teeth. Once this happens, this creates a dangerous pocket between the wisdom tooth and the gum.

This pocket allows food particles to get stuck, allowing bacteria to grow, ultimately leading to the development of a cavity. If your gums cover the wisdom tooth, the dental provider will likely suggest removal. Otherwise, even with diligent effort, you will be faced with cavity concerns.

If you're experiencing any of these concerns, this could be an indication that it's time to have your wisdom teeth removed. A visit to your dental provider who specializes in complete dentistry can help highlight if this is the case and provide you with exact reasoning as to why.