An Overview Of Getting Dental Implants

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If you have missing teeth, getting dental implants will be a big decision for you. The first step in understanding if they are right for you is getting a general overview of the costs, qualifications, risks, process and aftercare that is involved. 

The Cost

The number of implants that you need and the placement of each implant play a big part in the overall costs of getting dental implants. On average, a single implant will cost around $2,500. If you needed to get your entire mouth done, it averages around $34,000.

The Qualifications

There are only a couple things that can disqualify you from getting dental implants, starting with age. Young children cannot get dental implants because their jaw is not fully formed yet. Your health could play a factor in it as well, as people with diabetes, thyroid problems, or cancer could have a jawbone that deteriorates over time. 

The Risks

The biggest risk of getting dental implants is that the implant itself will fail and come out. When that happens, the jawbone will need to completely heal in order to attempt the procedure again. Some people may also experience inflammation and swelling in their gums due to an infection. By monitoring your implant and taking medication prescribed by your dentist, you will limit the chance of that happening.

The Process

The entire procedure will take around 4-6 months to complete. The first step involves installing the posts into your jawbone. This is the most invasive part of the procedure, and where most complications occur. The posts will need to completely bond to your jawbone, which it why it can take so many months to heal.

The second step is to fit the new teeth onto the posts. Until you have the second part of the procedure done, you will be able to use dentures for eating. You may want to stick to softer foods to avoid causing damage to your gums.

The Aftercare

Immediately following the surgery, you will need to stay away from eating hot beverages and foods for 2 days. You will also need to keep swelling down by applying a warm washcloth to your gums for 10 minutes several times a day. If bleeding occurs, it can be treated by using gauze to soak up any blood. 

By knowing an overview of what the dental implant procedure is like, you can make an informed decision about having it done at a place like Pittsburgh Dental Spa to replace your missing teeth