What To Do If A Dental Implant Comes Loose

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Dental implants are one of the most durable forms of tooth replacement you can choose, but there are times they fail. If a dental implant fails, it will come loose and may even fall out of your mouth. Here are the reasons this may happen and advice about what you should do if it happens.

Why Implants Fail or Come Loose

If you have an implant and it comes loose, it could either be that the screw holding the tooth came loose and just needs to be tightened, or it could be due a dental implant failure. For an implant to fail, something must prevent the implant and bone from completing fusing together. This could be an infection that prevents the fusion from occurring, improper placement of the implant, or a number of other things.

In many cases, implants fail from the bone not fusing properly to the implant. When this occurs, it will cause the titanium post to come loose, and this could lead to the tooth falling out. Most people who get dental implants do not experience this problem, but it does happen in some cases.

What You Should Do If This Happens

If you ever experience any problem with your dental implant feeling loose, you should visit a dentist quickly to find out why this happened. To find out, the dentist might remove the tooth and look at the post and inside your gums, and he or she might take x-rays to see what is going on with the bone and the implant. X-rays are often the only way to tell what is going on as the implant is typically hidden away under the gums.

When an implant falls out, you will also need to visit a dentist quickly. When this happens, an infection could form in the hole where the implant was located. To prevent this from occurring, you will need to see a dentist so he or she can examine it. When the dentist looks at it, he or she will decide what to do about it, and this will typically depend on the reason it fell out in the first place.

Dental implants typically hold up well, and they often last a lifetime when taken care of and installed properly. If you currently have an implant that needs work or need to replace a missing tooth, contact a dental clinic, like Smile City, that offers dental implants.