Toothache: Causes And Treatments

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Many situations can cause a toothache. Usually a toothache is diagnosed before the dentist even notices a problem because of the constant, sharp, or throbbing pain. It may be intensified when added pressure is present. You might have a headache or fever, and swelling in the area of the toothache. Infection in a tooth may include a drainage that can produce a bad taste in your mouth. Treatments are available for these issues and can vary depending on multiple reasons.

Types of Problems

Treatment Options

Depending on the problem causing the toothache, will be the deciding point for the treatment plan. Tooth extraction may be the only treatment available if the problem is passed the point of using a filling. If you don't receive dental treatments, it is possible to lead to infections that must then be treated by a professional oral surgeon.

The patient can opt to have a root canal if the nerve of the tooth has become infected because of bacteria buildup. If swelling of the jaw or fever is evident, an antibiotic can be prescribed.

If pain is experienced after a tooth has been pulled in excess of two days, it's a good chance the patient is experiencing dry socket syndrome.

Phototherapy can sometimes be used with a cold laser to reduce the inflammation and pain, combined with other treatments. Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) is also called photobiomodulation. The process is used to speed up the antibiotic flow into the patient's bloodstream. This process may reduce the chances of dry sockets and speed the healing at the surgical site.

If you have sinus problems and are experiencing tooth pain, it could be a sinus infection. If you have cold symptoms, it is a good idea to visit your regular physician to diagnose the sinus issue before you are so inclined to go to a dentist for an extraction.

Things to Avoid/Triggers

These are just a few of the causes and treatments available for toothache pain. It is very important to see a physician or a dentist quickly once you have discovered the pain is not temporary. Avoiding specific situations and foods can sometimes eliminate the painful sensations experience. However, each situation is different and may need to be diagnosed by a professional like as soon as possible.